and i knew,
that you were the love of my life,
but i guess i wasn’t yours.

so they asked me, “does this song reminds you of him?”
i laughed because,
everything does.

she asked,
“you are in love
what does love look like?”
to which i replied
“like everything i’ve ever lost
come back to me”

you know one day
you’ll be happy that they’re happy
…but not today

she was too quiet, or she was too loud,
she took things seriously,
or not seriously at all,
she was too sensitive,
or too heartless,
she hated every fiber of
her being,
or loved every piece of her heart,
it was either all
or nothing,
she wanted everything
and settled for nothing

I’m being suffocated,
and sure we can sit
and fantasize all we want about
how things are going to be different
one day,
but this is today
and it sucks…



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